Thursday, May 29, 2008


The delirious-ness of life has been high-jacked by silliness. I think my level of insanity now finds me laughing (so hard it hurts) at stupid silly things. So far it's working for me though. Let's re-cap the last 24 hours, shall we?

  • Left work a little early yesterday: needed gas, a car wash, medicine, and to pick my kids up on time. One and half out of 4 isn't bad. Sticker shock at the gas pump almost killed me, so I only got 5 gallons. Thought I'd look for a better deal, and then get my car washed too, since I couldn't really see out the front windshield. Found a better deal, but then randomly decided 5 gallons would last another day or 2. But DID proceed to the car wash at this new gas station. DID NOT remember that I couldn't pay for the car wash AT the car wash, it needed to be paid ahead of time at the pump. Found this out after waiting behind 4 cars in line. I then yelled at the attendant lady thru the crappy intercom. I don't think that was very effective. I then drove THROUGH the car wash without getting my car washed. Waited in the drive-thru at Walgreens for 20 minutes, and had to ask the driver behind me to please (yes I did use my manners this time) move so I could back out and go get my kids on time. So..... 5 gallons of gas, no car wash, no meds, but did get the kids. And this was all funny to me some how.

  • Went to MHWG last night. Little bebe cruised around and checked out all the ladies' toes. She prefers the painted ones it seems, and especially fancies the 'princess pedicures' that include the sparkles. And she likes to try and taste them. Yummy.

  • Had some paperwork come across my desk today that read: "To whom thinks that this is any of their business...." and I about fell off my chair laughing. It was signed "very seriously, ....."

  • The phone rang tonight and I could see on caller ID that it was Hubby's best friend. I also knew it was his birthday. So I answered it "happy birthday." And he chuckled and said, "oh well thank you, and happy birthday to you too." And I said,"no, it doesn't really work that way." We both got a good laugh out of that.

  • Was in the middle of an IM chat with one of my favorites earlier today. I think we were chatting about the salad I had for lunch. Then out of no where she posts a one-liner that makes no sense, is totally out of context, and um...well...a little racy to be honest. It stopped me cold. I'm looking at it, trying to understand. And then I typed to her "did you just type your password....on the wrong screen?"........................ and the reply..... "yes, OMG how embarrassing!" I could not stop laughing, still can't actually. =)

So all this silliness is good of course. But I can't help but wonder if this is another calm before the storm kinda thing? No thanks on that. I'm trying to focus on the positive. I think today that I have (at least for the day) made it out of the rut and into the river. I like it. I like it even if I'm in the river with big GIANT floaties on my arms that make me feel safe and a life preserver too. And then that leads to the next step..... (the title of a book, actually) If You Want To Walk On Water You Have To Get Out of the Boat. That scares me when I know what the next step is, because that means I'm in the driver's seat, I'm responsible and I know it. I know what it takes to make the next step. But am I up for the challenge?

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