Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sneaky Socks

So I have a theory about socks, and no proof, but a lot of suspicion. It started when I was a kid. I would help with the laundry frequently and sort the socks too. There were only 3 of us: Dad, Mom, and me. It was easy. But sometimes.... socks would go missing. This was annoying.

Now that I am a mommy of 3, we have lots of little feet that need socks. A couple years ago I quit buying the cutesie little socks for my bebes. We've graduated to just plain white socks for everybody, well except for me. I get special privileges. The graduation to white socks went hand in hand with the bebes taking better care of their socks. The learned that socks do not grow on trees, when they take their shoes and socks off they can tuck the socks inside the shoes, no wearing just socks outside, blah blah blah. They did really well.

Two months ago it started again though with a flurry, despite good sock etiquette and plain white has started again. It seems to me that socks run in cycles. My bebes were out of socks again. How is that possible? We cleaned out the car, the backpacks, Grandma's, the drawers, the laundry room, pulled the couch cushions up, we looked everywhere. Do you know what we found? MORE un-matched socks. Argh! It was like going into battle and being defeated.

So I protested--for 2 months! I figured if we could wait out this current cycle of missing socks, that certainly on the next wave of sock-bermuda-triangle-twilight-zone-ness we could catch the upswing of finding more single-mated socks and match them to previous unmatched ones. No suck luck. My poor family paid the price too. I made the kids wear unmatched socks. Surely the kids were secretly stashing socks to make mommy go crazy, so only natural that they should pay the price. I feel bad about this now. When it was colder and they were wearing long pants, it was no big deal. But now that the warmer days are frequent, it just doesn't seem right sending them to school with their little unmatched socks all exposed for the world to see.

I bought 2 new packs of socks for them, plain white, just like the ones before. I don't know how long they will last. Then this morning, before breaking into the new bag, I just happened to open the sock drawer, and what do I see? Two socks that match on opposite ends of the drawer. See! It's happening again. I missed the cycle by one day this time! No Fair! No doubt that long forgotten socks will start cropping back up again and mock me. I didn't realize that socks had a sense of humor, did you?


Brittany said...

It's just me in the sock war but I swear the monster under the bed is eating them!

trinity said...

I am with you. Seriously, I hardly ever wear socks, I like having the freedom to wiggle my toes, but I finally had to start wearing them to the gym. I tried just wearing my cute shoes with no socks to the gym, but I felt so out of place. I gave in got some real tennis shoes and sports socks. And like magic I did laundry (yes that is the magic part) and even though I only put matching socks in the wash, I came out with mis-matched socks. How in the world does this happen? I put them in the hamper rolled into pairs, unrolled them as I put them in the wash and then then somewhere between the wash the dryer and me folding them, I was left with an uneven number of socks, and not just one but a number of them.

My theory is that the lint in the dryer is really extra socks that just dissolve in the dryer, it is the only thing that makes sense.