Sunday, June 8, 2008

Road Trip?

It's Sunday night and I am exhausted. I had 2 naps today to try and re-coup from this weekend. Hubby and I reflecting on the last couple days....we had a good hearty laugh. They can't write things this chaotic. Seriously. Let me explain.... this may be long....sorry!

So just a little info to start: Hubby doesn't sleep well. I think it's a Marine thing. So when he DOES sleep, the bebes and I make every effort to LET him sleep as long as he can. That being said:

Saturday morning I woke up EARLY and thought I was having a heart attack. REALLY. No joke. I was in a lot of pain, nothing helped, and then I got scared. So I woke up Hubby. "Lovey, my chest hurts." He opened one eye and looks at me. "Really?" I nod. He asks me a barrage of questions and doesn't like my answers. He gets his stethoscope (handy isn't he?) and listens to me breathe. "Worst case have a pulmonary embolism, and you're going to miss the wedding 'cause you're about to die." Gosh, that's great. Thanks. But I didn't die, the pain went away after another half hour. And we got ready for a friend's wedding.

We left the house with an extra hour buffer in case we hit traffic or whatever. It was going to be at least a 3 hour drive. First stop: gas station to fill up the truck. I don't know what happened, but I do know that Hubby was not in a great mood (sorry about the heart attack scare!) We were at the gas station for 40+ minutes. Grumpy hubby almost got into a knock-down drag-out with another person at the as station. Oh CRAP. Please let's just get on the road....

Hubby got out of his funk about hour #2 of the trip. I was driving the truck now and he was in the passenger seat. He likes to be silly and make me laugh. I tell him that's great and all, but maybe NOT when I'm driving???? So then I look over and he has on a BRIGHT YELLOW swimming cap, and is now "paddling" (like he's swimming--cause he's cool like that.) I'm sure the fellow motorist got a kick out of this.

About 20 minutes away from the wedding, WE GET HIT! Another truck hits the right side of the truck and Hubby about comes unglued. Oh CRAP take-two. We are all okay. No major damage to the truck. Hubby did not pummel the other driver. YIKES!!!!

Ok back on the road again. I am driving again and trying to just breathe and not look at how mad hubby is. He rolls down his window to get some air and POOOOF. Just like that the directions that were once being held in his hand have now been sucked right out the window and onto the highway. Lovely. We have not-a-clue how to get where we are going. The look on his face was priceless. I tried not to laugh.

We do get to the wedding and only 8 minutes late. Thank God. I was going to be MAD if we went through all this and never got to the wedding. The wedding itself was lovely. Never mind the fact that the daughter of friends of ours was CHASED by a swan and then bitten by the swan. Weird stuff.

4 hours later we are back on the road to drive home. The bebes are tired but our bellies are full. Hubby and I are chatting about the wedding and then up in front of us I see something odd. The road is relatively open and straight, very few cars on the road. Then it becomes clear that the car in front of us has just HIT the center divide and is now veering the other way across traffic and then RIGHT OVER THE EMBANKMENT!!!! Crap crap CRAPPPPPPP. I called 911 and hubby checked on the car. Luckily--the driver was ok. I don't know how. All I know is that if I was susceptible to heart attack feeling earlier, it was going to be WAY MORE intense if I had to see blood and guts....but I didn't, so we're good.

Now... on the road again. Pray pray pray for no more nightmares. No more accidents. Half an hour later the middle bebe (almost 7) starts squirming in the backseat. "I gotta go potty, " and I say, "Didn't you go before we left the wedding?" "Yes." So we plan to take the next exit. I SWEAR the next exit didn't come for another 5 miles. Bebe looks like she's about to explode. Got to the exit, made the next right into a shopping mall. I had no idea what time it was, but apparently too late for a mall to be open. Just about to pull back on to the street and look for another open store, and then all of a sudden, middle bebe looks RELIEVED. Oh my goodness. She has just peed all over the back seat of the truck. This cannot be happening. I know it's not the end of the world, and I know it could be so much worse, but come on already!!!!

So we made it home alive, and late, and exhausted, a little banged up, some covered in pee, but alive. People today asked how the wedding was. Oh the wedding was fine. I'm just never going to leave my house again.

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