Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rock It

Looking back, I never should have complained on Monday. Tuesday was worse SO MUCH WORSE than I could have ever imagined. I will never complain again and in the same breath ask if it could get any worse. Apparently it can always get worse.

Let me speak a little about honesty and truthfulness. I believe the truth, no matter how hurtful or painful, is always better than a lie. I also think there are appropriate ways in which to say these delicate things so that it can be relayed with compassion and understanding. I think that WITH-HOLDING the truth or purposely skating around an issue that NEEDS TO BE deceitful.

My world has been rocked. I am angry and disappointed and frustrated and confused and furious. Fortunately for me, even if I feel temporarily emotionally unstable or crushed, my faith is ROCK SOLID. They can rock my world but they won't take me down. I can stand with my head held high and know that I am a grounded human, spiritual being. I am in no way perfect or righteous, but I will not stoop to their levels and participate in mud-slinging misrepresentations. Call me out for what I believe or what I've done or said and I'll stand there and take it. I don't have any shame. But they better not think for a second that their lies will define who I am. Their lies will eat away at their conscience, but they have no control over me.

Go ahead. Rock my world. Bring it on.

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