Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am at a loss...for words, comprehension, sanity, sleep...and so much more. I don't know what happened this week. One second I was "present" and contemplating the next day's events, and now here I am on Sunday night counting back how many days it's been since I've had one rational moment of peace.

Monday had me perplexed about Hubby's impending spinal surgery. Tuesday was the day from HELL. Wednesday I as trying to recover from Tuesday. My FAVORITE cousin ever ever ever....his wife had brain surgery this week. This is the second time. So far so good. Another family member in Mississippi who was washed out by Hurricane Katrina, then lost his daughter in a car accident last September, is now flooding with the storms down there. A good friend had surgery for an unknown mass this week. It's bad. It's a basketball sized cancerous tumor SO invasive that they could not do surgery on it. Its size is complicating functions of her other organs especially her kidneys and some nerves to her legs too. They started chemo and radiation on Thursday. My dad had a minor procedure done at the hospital on Friday. Minor-yes, but the fact that he's all I've got for immediate family (other than my hubby and my kids) scares me. As I'm about to leave and go get him I get a call that there is another FIRE....CLOSE to where my kids are at camp. I tried the highway but it was dead stopped, so I took another route, and it was packed too. Took me almost an HOUR of driving less then 5 miles TOWARDS a huge BLACK plume of smoke to get my kids in 104 degree weather. They weren't in any immediate danger, but the air was full of chaos and panic and ash. I've never been a city person. ....and I've never wanted SO badly to go buy a piece of property in the country and be completely self sufficient. Get me the heck outta here.

I am so glad that week is over and I can move past it.

On a lighter note:

*Some friends who have been desperate to get pregnant...finally are pregnant!!! I believe they've tried all the fertility treatments and nothing worked, so they gave up. God is good though!!

*Another set of friends and their daughter celebrated their official adoption of the daughter. It was SO special. SO meant to be. Is it a sign when a child is adopted and she looks just like the adoptive parents?MMMM.... there's something so good about that.

*Bitty bebe enjoyed bath time for the first time tonight. She learned how to splash and was quite pleased with herself. She splashed until there was no water left in her little baby tub. I, however, was completely drenched even though I was outside the tub. =)

*One of the little girls at church told her mom AS she was walking up to children's time in front of church, that she had no underwear on (and she was wearing dress.) HAHAHA this is so something that my kids would do. I'm glad it happens to other parents too!

*Hubby, the bebes and I went to a concert to try and distract ourselves from the crappiness of the week. WHOA. We are definitely not in our hay day anymore--we sat in the 'family zone.'

I attempt to face this coming week with a new set of eyes, a fresh perspective, and an open heart. I attempt to remember that every challenge, every heartache, every struggle comes with an invitation to witness for God. So too does every triumph and accomplishment. When I can think of things in this way, life doesn't seem so far-fetched. It's seems do-able, and possible and exciting......

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