Saturday, April 18, 2009

Signing Off Saturday

Yes we are in the south. Just in case you are wondering, the number of bullet holes definitely equates to how far south you are. =)
Hi Lee! I don't think he was very pleased with me taking his picture right then, but the angle was I went for it!

Do you think the boys are looking up at her... in distress that she may fall out? Nah... Debbie would never pull a stunt like that! Hehehehe

Here's the crew from Captain John's house:Doug, Lee, Jonathan, Debbie, Stephen, and Brittany:

The entire Pearlington Crew for trip #7
Meggie, Brittany, Lee, Gail, Stephen, Douglas, Debbie, and Jonathan

This trip's team t-shirt

This is the "Mini-barn" in the back yard of the yellow house, which is on 2 acres and butts up against Ben (The Boss Man)'s property. He has very creative dreams of making a path from this house to his house by way of a golf course and a tiki bar built into the side of the mini barn.
What!? What!? Your eyes are NOT deceiving you (Feel completely at ease jumping for joy here and a little howl-- just like I did) ... that is me and B and jonathan at the TOP of the burn pile!!!!! This was the perfect way to end a hard week's work. =) thanks B.

Doug, Stephen, Brittany, Jonathan, and Me!

Doug sporting quite the GQ pose. You'd think he's a keeper, then you let him eat, and his digestive track starts to do its thing... and it's all down hill from there.

Jonathan and his net for bug catching; he was rarely seen without it. What a dedicated student. BTW, those tupperware containers in the freezer-- beware!!

Lee found this lattice under mud and wood. I'm starting to think that power washing will make anything better... kind of like duct tape, hey hey!!
Deb working on the back of the yellow house at the end of work day #6

This is how the yellow house looked on day #1. Not too bad from far away... but up close was another we went to work

Though it doesn't look pretty like this, scraping all this paint away will make the next coat of paint actually stick around for a while.

And just to end on a nice warm-fuzzy note: Gail and Lee celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary today.

There will be many more stories to share... but I must sleep now... more to come in the next few days!


Brittany said...

You can hear me from the other room, but I'm laughing so hard I'm might pee my pants!!!!!!!!! You kill me!

Anonymous said...

I know I told you no b.... shots. Oh, well, we still like each other.
Yo, Momma