Sunday, April 12, 2009

On The Ground!

I think it's 120 in the morning here right now. I am not a pretty sight. It's ok. I can be cute later. =)

Here's what I know so far:

* Can't read when I'm tired: books, street signs, anything else, it's all a complete loss to these bad eyes and tired brain. I'll explain later... it's funny

*When Gail comes to pick you up at the airport in New Orleans you should not be looking for her by looking for her car (...cause that's back in Cali... doh!)

*Overheard a junior high age type kiddo be in a very in depth conversation about DNA of a rock

*Don't lean forward when the plane is landing, then the pilot will let off the brake and your head will hit the seat in front of you

*Have to tell Dad that when I'm singing at church that is NOT the time to try and communicate a non-urgent matter via completely random charade like gestures and large mouth movements... killing me I tell ya

*Similarly, the man sitting in the front pew making the stuffed animal dance while I'm singing it distracting. I can not sing while I laugh... no can do people!!!

*I don't get people who get dressed up to travel. I can't... seriously. High heels and short shorts? I just don't understand

*Also now have this weird phobia of wearing flip flops to the airport... after the whole lawn mower/vacuum cleaner incident. Odd. I didn't even wear flip flops today, but I noticed everyone else who did... scared me! Made my toes hurt just looking at them.

Ok I'm getting up soon... 4 hours, 5 hours.... not sure I want to know actually. Nighty night!!!

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