Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mississippi Bound

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd we're off! To bed actually. Then up at the crack o' dawn with 3 kids in Easter clothes in tow, Hubby and Dad, and all to church, then we divide and conquer. Hubby will take Big Bebe and Bitty to Chief's Easter, Dad will take Middle Bebe to the Cann-Cann-Clan Easter up in the city. And me? To Mississippi I go, via Texas first. I've never been to Texas before. Don't think I'll get much sight seeing in while I'm there running from one terminal to another, maybe stopping for pee-pee pit stop.

To be honest, I was packed a couple days ago...told B if she wanted to skip out of town early... I'd be ready. Ha. The last few days haven't been so bad really. Had a fun coffee night, sang at another church, Hubby and I went to breakfast and took a long walk along West Cliff this morning. Grandma took the bebes to see the Hannah Montana movie. Bless her.

I do feel like an old lady though. This evening I decided not to take my seemingly bazillion bottles of meds with me. I gave in and got an old lady weekly pill organizer. I am such a geek. An old lady geek now too. Whoop whoop. See, this white one will make me swing the hammer harder, these two green ones will make me lay tile faster, this little pink one provides an extra set of go-go-gadget arms to hold the boards straight while I saw the ends off at 45 degree angles. Ok. Totally joking. But that's the story I'm sticking to. =)

Here's what I do know: No matter what I imagine, no matter what I hope or dread, life will always turn out differently than I expected. Sometimes worse, but sometimes better. I am excited to NOT know what lies ahead on this trip. I can be flexible. I can be resourceful. I can multi-task, get my hands dirty, and take direction. I can and will be filled with love and hope be the listening ear. I am small all by myself. But the group I am going with has been called by God, and with that strength we are mighty, and capable and honored to do His work, whatever it may be.

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