Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Today Wednesday?

Oh my goodness I am tired. Today's work for me wasn't any different than the last couple of days, but I think it's starting to all catch up with me. Also- I couldn't get the camera to work today. I pushed all the little dang buttons and all it did was beep at me... Gary: Are you reading this? I'm going to call you tomorrow and ask you what "Memory card is locked. Slide lock to write position" means. =) Too tired to type a good update, but here goes:

*Have not needed to use my i-pod while I sleep. =)

*I continue to be amusingly polka-dotted but not on the left hand.

*Have one bug bite right on the thumb knuckle. This is exactly where I sliced my finger open n a broken glass a year and a half ago. So...think: chubby knuckle, ugly scar, BIG red bug that order... Almost like a 3 scoop ice cream cone but not nearly as fun. =(

*Have a new appreciate for belts, and for people who wear them.

*Continue to scheme to see if I can get B to climb to the top of the GIGANTIC burn pile with me (before it burns) so we can take a picture. No go so far. I will not lose hope.

*Ate lunch at Turtle Island or Turtle Landing... can't remember now... for food at the best dive bar (aka only restaurant perhaps?) in Pearlington area. We watched for alligators while we were there. Didn't see any, but did see a "Blue" Heron, tho it was white actually (so maybe not a blue heron), and it was dancing, but only as a Non blue heron can... it's head and body seemed to stay still but its long neck seemed to swivel back and forth like a hula-hoop. Awesome. Nothing like a bird that's got rhythm.

*Woke up in the middle of the night and didn't know where I had put Bitty to sleep. I knew I was in Mississippi but couldn't find her. Um ya. She's at home with daddy in her own crib, right where she should be.

*I continued to scrape paint at the yellow house. The boys and Debbie are putting up loads of sheet rock and insulation at Captain Johns. Good progress!!!

*Am going to bed now


Gary said...

Here I am! We texted. Problem solved. Now keep those nice pictures coming :-)

Stacie said...

gorgeous pictures!

Brittany said...

So nice that you haven't needed to use your I-pod...yet! :)