Monday, April 20, 2009

High Dive

What a trip... an amazing experience to open my eyes and my heart. It's so much more than just physically helping people rebuild from Katrina. It's about strengthening the bond with those I came with. It's about being a witness. It's about learning more of who I am. It's about the people whose paths we cross along this journey. It's about hope for all involved and any one watching or hearing from afar. It's about so many things, I'm sure I can't list them all here.

I am so blessed to be a part of this team and to be a part of these moments.

I am human. My intent is intact, my ability to take what I've learned and implement it immediately into my own life does not exist. I come home exhausted yet excited about all that's just happened, and I forget that all I've left behind at home, will still be here to deal with when I return. I am let down. All the things I'd been so relieved to escape while I was gone, are absolutely, resolutely right here as I walk through the door.

I know Jesus. I have an undying love and faith and dedication which has invaded my soul. For some maybe finding Him is the hard part. For me, I have found Him, but teach me how to live WITH Him. Now that I know Him, give me the tools and the direction to maintain this love. I'm eager to continue on this path, but what is the next step? It can't just be about finding Him.

Now that I've climbed all the way up to this high dive, I want to dive right in. Now that I'm up here all I can find are a thousand manuals telling me how to climb to the diving board. I'm here! I'm shouting from the top... yet all I hear are the echoes of what I've already done. Help me move forward and begin this walk. I know it will be hard, but give me the hope, or at least a way to look for hope, so I'm not constantly living in a state of feeling let down.

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Brittany said...

Preach on sister! Many times the road to Jesus is easy compared to the road with Jesus. I am SO with you! But you knew that already. :)