Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Numbers

1 - Babies who escaped in the wee hours of the morning out to the frosted over deck

2 - Freezing little feet

16 - Socks found behind the dryer

42 - Pairs of socks matched today... YAY!

66 - Unmatched socks after the laundry was done... very disappointing.. =(

5 - Days until I leave for Mississippi

16 - Annual staff evaluations I need to write before I leave for Mississippi

3 - Kids who are sleeping over at Grandma's tonight

0 - Healthy dinners I will be making tonight

Countless - views off my deck that remind me that I live in one of THE most beautiful places in the world:


Gary said...

You can't believe how jealous I am of your view!!

Stacie said...

Love your numbers! ;)