Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's The Deal??

What's the deal with men? Are they NOT as insecure? Do they have any idea that talking WEIGHT with women (of any age) is inappropriate? Dad likes to get me a pair of shoes every so often for Christmas. So we met at a shoe store to find a nice pair of GOOD shoes. Dad says "These should be okay if you're not planning on gaining any more weight. You're done, right?" UGH. I never intentionally plan on gaining weight. It just happens. Geesh. Like he's one to talk. So I'm sitting here not really moping about it, just stewing. Then head to the fridge where I am faced with vanilla Slim Fast sitting right next to cookie dough from Papa Murphy's. Hahahaha.... Who am I joking? Cookie dough ALL the WAY! Can I get a hell YA!?


Brittany said...

Oh, Papa Bear is totally the same way. So frustrating! Forget the slim fast it's cookie dough all.the.way!

Lauren said...

I just finished a Haagen-Dazs, cheers to you!