Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is it Really Thursday?

Day #4 today in Pearlington. I have successfully learned how to use a hammer-drill or drill-hammer, but not completely sure which is the right way to say it. Drilled into concrete for 2 hours and I caulked base boards, door jams, window sills, and the list goes on. I've been to Lowe's twice now and have several ideas about home projects for my own home. Not likely any of that will happen in the near future though. Took some pictures of the work crews today too. Look for those on the Mississippi blog.

I worked at a new (to me) site today and have the utmost respect for these young adults that are working right along side us this week. The are profoundly loving, caring, hard working, funny, easy to laugh with, easy to get along with, easy to work on hard projects with. I told them tonight how great I thought they were. I've been so blessed to be in their presence. The light in their eyes shines differently then it does in most adults. I hope they never lose that spark. I hope these kids are encouraged and continually loved and nurtured. They are our future. And they are amazing.

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