Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Katrina

We are here. Arrived safely from a flight through Denver to Louisiana. Here's the scoop:

~The flight attendants had us laughing. When we took off they put one bag of pretzels and one bag of peanuts in the middle aisle to se which bag would make it to the back of the plane first. And they were talking over the loud speaker like we were at the Kentucky Derby.

~Car rental is a nightmare. Like really a joke.

~There's still tons to do here in Pearlington. Every turn, every corner. Houses untouches. Katrina cottages more common than standing houses.

~I need ear plugs

~A stud finder may find you more than you bargained for. HA!

~I learned the diffrerence among rown molding, kick plates, shoe moldings and something else but can't remember right now.

~I successfully used an electric saw and a nail gun and didn't injure myself or others.

~Putting crown molding up is tricky! Especially at the corners. All the angles. Oh the lack of sleep. Oh the insanity and laughing that enuses then. AND THEN finding the very equation ON THE SAW that were were trying to figure out. Special.

~my new boots are totally worth having to deal with Dad's comment.

Love to you, I'll post more later. No time for spell check.

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