Monday, December 15, 2008

Tips On How To Go Crazy in The World of Meg

Wake up early to get a start on a long day.

Change the cute baby who has pee peed all over her bed again, but did sleep through the night. So don't make a fuss.

Drive carefully fast on the slippery roads and make it late to a morning appt. At this appt make sure your doctor laughs right at you when you tell him you are trying to cut down on the stress. Laughing in my face is always a swell start.

Once at work realize it's cold and will definitely be a 2-coffee day. Now armed, proceed to "supervise" staff not able to log into new computer systems, complaints, and oh yes and my email is full so I can neither receive email in nor send any out. That's a super productive way to conduct business. Escape before the place self destructs.

Arrive to parent, teacher, school nurse, school psychologist, principal meeting to talk about plan of action for Big Bebe and staying on track. Put on a normal "every thing's under control" grin and nod. Careful not to speak. Who knows what will come out.

Gather Big Bebe and proceed thru almost freezing rain to car. Little feet are quickly losing feeling. Take off little wet shoes and socks. Put feet on the car heater on the right. Hang wet little socks from the heater in the middle. Think for a second you are smart. Then think again that now that car smells like smelly wet little feet. Yum.

Get to Big Bebe's Stanford appt a few minutes early. How did this happen? Almost sit back and relax, then think better of it and go thru crap in the car. Found MANY items that contribute to the smelliness of the car.

After appt get back to car to make way back to home, stopping by for a quick bite to eat. Then take windy road home so Big Bebe turns green and almost returns food.

Get home, return to car, realize almost out of gas. Stop for gas, get to practice. After, give a ride home, then pick up Middle Bebe and get on the road to pick up Bitty Bebe.

On way to Bitty Bebe, get something large and unwelcome in left eye. Try to maintain poor but working right eye vision and safe driving skills. Try not to be snappy as Middle Bebe retells every second of her entire day and will not stop talking.

Pick up Bitty Bebe. Make sure Grandma tells you exactly how Bitty was extra constipated today and describes in detail just how it all "went down."

Return home to find Big Bebe feeling better, and making a lovely science project on the once pretty dining room table. Picture here all the new glassware each filled with water and each with its own special addition, like glue, or sand, and salt, and popsicle sticks. Oh yes and there is a "control" one too.

Find Hubby very comfortably snoozing in the recliner just a few feet away.


Brittany said...

Hey, you forgot the train wrecks! :)

Meg said...

Those train wrecks, despite my contribution to them, were the best part of my day.