Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2

I have a new respect for i-pods. I left mine at home: making an attempt to not shy away from things/people. Well lemme tell you, I needed an i-pod so badly. Guy and B to the rescue. No REALLY.

Today me and my little team finished putting up shelves and closet rods. It felt good to be able to stand back and see we had accomplished something. Nothing huge or newsbreaking. Just something to help this family move another load of stuff from their Katrina cottage to the new house. Every little bit helps.

I also painted today. I had on hubby's USMC sweatshirt and didn't want to get it painty, nor did I want to take it off cause it was chilly. Seems there was a seamstress/garbage-bag-transformer in our group who offered to make me a handy LARGE garbage bag poncho. I'm low on sleep, high on life, and really almost peed my pants when we were trying to get it on me cause I was laughing so darn hard.
PS: sweatshirt got painty anyhow. =( I tried to explain to hubby that I was taking his clothes to Pearlington to wear because his clothes are made to be durable--and mine are made to be cute.
PPS: There may have been a picture taken of me while I was wrangling that dang bag while standing on a paint bucket, trying not to pee, and trying to see thru tears of laughter and hysteria.

I am a bad painter. Will do it. But can't do it pretty. Aint gonna happen. Isn't in my blood. No can do.

I wore my hair in braids yesterday to keep my hair out of my face. It worked. But truth be told, when I took a shower last night all sorts of little bugs seemed to be washing out. Ew! So today I took it up a notch: braids + bandanna over the hair keeps hair and paint out of my eyes, and bugs out of my hair. Ah HAH!

It did rain today just a little bit. And oddly enough "It's raining men" (the song) managed to make its way into today's happenings. Who'd have thunk it.... on a church mission trip and all.


trinity said...

I am gonna have to see that picture.

Speaking of pictures I have your picture card on my fridge, I was so excited that it had a magnet on it, as I am running low on durable magnets.

So cute, thanks for sending it!

Brittany said...

It's raining men! Hallelujah! It's raining men, my oh my! :) That picture is now going to be posted on the blog! Just wait!