Monday, February 9, 2009

Manic Monday

Do not mess with a woman and her truck. That's right, my name's on the title. Do not mess with a woman (...carefully refraining from the term "lady"..) and her truck, mid-migraine, when there is a road closure between said female and her medicine, and there is an idiot in the vehicle behind her trying to honk/Morse code his displeasure with her driving choices (as she allows the oncoming traffic, with CLEAR right of way, to move past on the one way bridge...) Please note here that although I did hit the gas in an attempt to ram this vehicle as it sidled up next to me with his finger hanging out the window... I then hit the brake and decided I didn't want to waste a good paint job on this. Because that would not be nice, and with the kids in the truck and all, and the fact that I may see this person later at church, and that I have big MARINE CORPS emblems and Hubby's Fire Fighter plaques for this small, small town.... I took a deep breath secretly hoped he went right over the side of the bridge. OK I'm kidding. Sort of.

In any event, most of this turmoil went on right inside my lovely little noggin, so what I was able to express verbally to the dear kiddos was fairly level headed and calm. Way to go mom! I did need to explain to them that that fellow did not think I was number 1, which was clear from his foul mouth and flailing arms. I wonder when we eventually did all make it over that small bridge and I ended up behind that very vehicle, did he look in his review mirror at my truck and see that Marine Corps license plate? Does he know that my husband would go to war to save that man's privileges to live in this free country where he can yell and honk and flip of a soldier's wife...for letting one car go by? Maybe he saw the fire fighter plaque and maybe the next vehicle accident hubby runs will be on that man. He'll be lucky if hubby isn't standing right there looking down at him on the pavement and laughing. But no. Hubby wouldn't do that. And neither would I.

I hope that man in the vehicle behind me sure feels like a big man now.

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