Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am feeling rather accomplished today... strangely...for the following reasons:
1. I did NOT eat an entire container of cookie dough today (just 1/2!)
2. Both my dad and hubby were in church today
3. Realized that when driving through pouring down rain, it is WAY LESS stressful with good brakes and new tires. I guess I kinda got used to the whole sliding around the road thing...yikes!
4. The leaning trees on the property were felled today. (That sounds SO grammatically wrong... but they tell me it's right.) This is exciting because we managed to get them down before they fell on the neighbor's house. This is good. We like our neighbors.
6. I am starting a 3rd medication for migraines today and so far that combined with the rest of my chaotic life...has not killed me yet
7. Eric and Erin and the babies are still well...considering... tho your prayers are still needed. Erin was transported via air this morning to UCSF. Seems the babies are doing ok, but Erin's health is the one in danger right now....pray pray pray
8. I am an awesome mom. (Insert here REALLY FUN story about middle bebe talking back and that automatically leading into an ENTIRE day of manual labor stacking firewood....muuaahhh aahhhh ahhhh ahhhh)
9. The firewood got stacked today. =)


Brittany said...

You are an awesome Mom! One day that middle child will say it too! :)

Lauren said...

isn't middle beb the one who looks like daddy, but acts like mommy? ;p

Last of the Fauxicans said...

#4 - Felled is indeed correct. And, as an added bonus, one of my favorite words.
#8-9 - Ah, the sweet smell of justice.