Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get Yer Engines ready... and PRAY!!!

My dear cousin Eric is AMAZING. Amazing, I tell you... Here's a snippet from his website:

You survived cancer...
Now what?
Come find out.

Wilderness Reconnection Experiences helps cancer survivors make the best of the rest of their lives by helping them design a new vision, mission, goals, and purpose for their lives, using the wilderness as a theraputic medium to challenge and stretch them physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
Join us on a challenging and rewarding backpacking trip in the pristine wilderness of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. During the journey, your trip leader will help you discover your purpose by guiding you through a process to create a new vision, mission, and plan for your life.

And this is a little ditty about the newest adventures:
WRE Goes on Hiatus
November 21, 2008 - WRE will go on hiatus until the summer of 2009. Eric Girard and Erin Hudson-Girard are expecting twin girls in April 2009, and are busy building a new house and preparing for the new additions. "Once we get the babies into a routine, we'll pick up this important work again," says Eric. "WRE is definitely important and very dear to my heart - it's just a matter of balancing everything, and God's making it clear to us that we need to focus on our family."

And this is this evening's update:
The SRMC Hotel
Erin was admitted today to the Sonora Regional Medical Center (SRMC) Birth Center until the babies are born. Our OB, Dr. Mills, is concerned about Erin's fluid retention, weight gain, and elevated blood pressure due to mild, early-onset pre-eclampsia. So, she's on strict bed rest under doctor's supervision until the babies arrive.
She's at 3o weeks now, and so far, the babies are growing normally. Neither Erin nor the babies are in any grave trouble - this is just a cautionary step, "to watch and wait," as Dr. Mills puts it.

I know I've said (blogged) this before. But where I lack in siblings, I make up for it with cousins. And Eric (and now Erin too!) are no exception. Eric came to be with me and dad when mom was in ICU. I told him I didn't know that he'd even get a visit in with mom, but that I could really use him there. And he came. We have each shared the loss of our own moms. Eric just happened to call a few hours after my mom died to just check in. His timing was perfect. I hadn't been able to make that first phone call yet to start to let the rest of the family know. I just couldn't do it. So Eric did. He is amazing and has been perfectly blessed with Erin as a wife and now two sweet little babies who may need to be reminded to stay put a few more weeks. They've got Erin's health, the babies' growth, Eric's sanity, oh yes and a house that needs to be moved into, and another one to be cleaned out... all on their plates right now.

So... get yer engines ready there fellow bloggers, friends and family... there's praying to be done.

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Eric, Erin, Elsie and Emmy said...

Wowie Zowie. I didn't know you'd posted this. You're an awesome cuz.