Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 Days Where? Huh?

Several days ago I remember having the most obnoxious, awfully mean, carefully crafted, big bad migraine. Although most of the pain is gone, I'm still in a fog. It's the "post-migraine" stuff. I've lost 5 days of meaningful life, work, productivity, and reality. What the hey? Not cool at all. Gimme a headache for a day and I'll grumble and get over it. Gimme a migraine that won't back down and steals DAYS from my life...and I'm not a happy camper. Tomorrow I'll be up and at it again; I'll attempt to start a successful week at work, and maybe I'll settle back into my every day routine.


Lauren said...


Lauren said...

If we are sane every other day, at least we aren't insane half the time, right?

Lauren said...

together we might be one "sane" person perhaps, but never "normal," that would be boring ;)