Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back

Loving the whole IDEA of an extra hour's sleep, not particularly diggin' the second guessing of time that I'm doing now. Paranoia for sure. I'm a geek anyhow who checks and double checks the time on my phone, the alarm clock, triple check the oven clock and then the car clock. This is already a normal daily routine. Ugh. Toss in there to the mix a time change, even if it means extra sleep, and I'm SUPER paranoid. I'm just short of leaving sticky notes on every clock I see to remind myself if I've already re-set it. OCD much? Gotta be good at something I suppose. This week I'm a really special over-zealous clock setter-checker.
Check. Check.


Brittany said...

Want to come to my house and change the clocks? I keep walking past them thinking "I should change that clock" and then not doing it!

Gary said...

hello my OCD sister. I was pretty OCD about keeping my wrist watch spot on. Then the POP-CORN number went out of business, then shortly after, my watch battery failed. Put an end to that. Now I just rely on my phone clock.