Friday, October 31, 2008

And I'm Back

This blog isn't nearly long enough to sum up the last several days. There are many places I can't go mentally right now. What I've decided in the meantime is this: I need something mid-week to re-center, to spiritually ground me. So I'm on the look out.

Here are my favorite things about being in the new house:
* The sound of the cleansing rain lulling me to sleep

* The way the dish washer WASHES dishes...meaning NOT ME washing the dishes (1st dish washer EVER!!)

* The dining room that has gigantic windows on 3 walls

* The garage to temporarily house my junk until I find another clever place to stash it in the house

* The sound of neighborhood kids running up the back steps

* Passing out Halloween candy for the first time ever as a family in a neighborhood

* The wood burning stove that makes the house feel and smell SO COZY

* Loving that Bitty is sleeping in another bedroom

Also in the week we've been here without telephone or computer access, I've fully thrown myself into this book:
I know the movie is about to come out (has already come out?) and I am determined to finish the book first before seeing the movie myself. Anybody care to join me? I forgot how much I like reading. And this book is beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL. Loving it and the places it takes my scattered brain.

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