Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Take 2

I started a blog at least an hour ago. I just re-read it and it was so negative. What a shame. Is that what I have become? I hope not. I can't keep going there. So I erased the whole thing and instead found a picture to inspire me...and this is what I found...I think I'd like to go here instead:

And soon we will be in OUR OWN home, and I will do my best to infuse peace, love and gentleness into our new household and music too.. Music is a constant ever changing, every beautiful, ever soothing element in my life. Be it Worship Team practice, singing, playing the piano, radio, live music, anything with a tune...and I'm happy. Our home will now have room for the family piano, originally brought to California in the late 1800's by horse and wagon when my Great Grandmother Vonnie was a child. Music fills a void in my life. Music takes me to a better place.

This coming week poses an entirely new set of challenges. And at the same time I will be re-living many things this week as well...and so I will pray, pray, pray and surround myself with an abundance of music...cause I haven't got a clue what else to do to keep me on this side of sanity.

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Rosalyn said...

Hi baby cousin,
I love you. I love reading your blogs. You are so like your mom. So full of thoughtfulness and true pondering and consideration of many things. You are a delight. I love you little cousin.
Love Big cousin.