Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quick History of a Meg

Here's a totally random list of fun/odd/interesting factoids about moi..and those I've blackmailed into saying they are related to me.....
  • My parents were each carried for 10 months in their mama's wombs. I told them that's why they got along so well...cause they were both freaks of nature...Hahahahaha I always found this super funny and dad did too--but mom-not so much.

  • I was named after a dead nun.

  • Got scarlet fever as a child and almost kicked the bucket. Mama Hen was my saving grace even back then
  • Spent several months in a condo in Hawaii before I went to kindergarten, here:

  • I am ambidextrous and dyslexic

  • Most of my second grade year mom and I got to stay with dad here:
  • My mom taught College Writing, English Lit, Journalism, and French at my High School. I thought I'd hate it (having her so close by). But I loved every second of it.
  • In High School I was an avid soccer player

  • In High School I also was very involved with this: Less than 2 months later, my partner from this, along with 3 other people died in a devastating fiery car crash July 4th 2007

  • Hubby and I met as cadets at the local fire department
  • Our wedding was just a few elements short of getting I always thought it would be more like this:

  • Both of Hubby's parents are adopted

  • Each of my big girl's best friends are adopted

  • I don't want to bear any more children, but love the idea of adopting

  • My grandpa and great uncle were heavily involved in the Manhattan project. Mom was born in Oakridge, TN

  • My great aunt was kinda famous too: She had a poodle named Dulcie. When that one would die, she'd get another one that looked exactly the same and name it Dulcie. Again and again....

  • And our family likes our food:

  • My big kids went to the same pre-school I did, and are currently going to the same elementary school I did
  • I thoroughly enjoy retail therapy....and my checkbook does not

  • I grew up in the same house my entire childhood. We've moved on average once a year since Big bebe was born. I hope that comes to halt real quick like

  • Certain smells can bring me right back to an old memory, same with certain songs

  • My parents would have celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary this October 18th.
  • I'm going to my 10th High School reunion this Saturday and I'm scared to death
  • This is the most handsome fellow I know
  • My mom died of this and was diagnosed here :

  • Big bebe has this:

  • I don't have any siblings. So I celebrated my cabbage patch doll's birthdays instead growing up. Her name is Sarah Marie and her birthday is today!

  • My mom secretly got me a cat against my dad's wishes when I turned 12. Dad hated that cat. After mom died, that cat was the only one in the house to keep dad company.

  • I am officially going here for my Christmas vacation, to help continue to clean up from this:

  • There is much to do


Rosalyn said...

you are cool. totally friggen cool.

Brittany said...

I'm so excited! We're going to Pearlington! I'm so excited! (said with a little sing-songy voice in my head)