Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Multiple Choice II

Back by popular demand!
(and the fact that since the last posting, I've honestly only been thinking in multiple choice format...)

Q1: Now that Bitty has mastered sitting on the potty, her next favorite potty-themed thing to do is:
  1. read a book while sitting on the pot
  2. plunge the toilet
  3. restock the toilet paper
  4. nothing, just does her business and gets back to playing

Q2: While rearranging and cleaning the pantry this evening (more evidence that I have no life) I stumbled upon a staggering find:

  1. 50 cans of tuna
  2. 47 cans of string beans
  3. 16 split pea soup mixes
  4. all of the above

Q3: This weekend a neighbor knocked on our door and said:

  1. Thank you for keeping your yard so tidy! What a beautiful sight.
  2. We're having a BBQ in honor of you and your high quality of parenting standards
  3. Is that blood on your front stoop?
  4. We have an apology... and we need to get a scooter out of your tree

Q4: I have a recent strange obsession with:

  1. laundry
  2. the Wendy's 'Get frosty with me' commercial :
  3. feeding the fishies
  4. packing lunches

Q5: Speaking of lunches... today for lunch I had:

  1. my favorite sandwich from the local deli
  2. an entire cheese pizza
  3. an organic mixture of parsley, turnips and red onions
  4. um... nothin because someone at work decided they needed to eat my lunch and not me... I'm not bitter--REALLY!

Q6: At the end of an awful work day, you'll die laughing from Mama Mo talking about:

  1. anything...everything
  2. Ellie who yelled NOOOOO in the teacher's face on the meet and greet day for pre-school
  3. A cat ornament and a rubber band
  4. Mr fancy doctor with the fancy accent

Q7: The Director of Information Services at corporate said to me yesterday:

  1. Please don't say that ever again
  2. I am officially giving you an honorary enrollment and inducting you into the club of 'Last to Know'
  3. Hahahahahahaaaa <-- Just laughed at me
  4. huh?

Q8: I know that God exists for many reasons, but today was re-reminded by

  1. the chocolate-caramel covered pretzels I found when cleaning out the pantry
  2. the loving way that someone weaseled my lunch out of the fridge today
  3. how pleasant my kids were with each other this evening
  4. the abundant energy I have at the end of the day

Q9: The bathrooms at work...

  1. are incredibly clean and non smelly
  2. delightfully relaxing
  3. straight up gross
  4. cleaned with the same cleaner they used at my high school and instantly make me feel really insecure all over again

Q10: When I was little I was convinced that I would grow up to be:

  1. a famous figure skater
  2. a history teacher
  3. a bank teller
  4. a police officer

Q11: In my genealogy lineage I am a product of someone of what profession:

  1. Newspaper reporter who worked unknowingly for the mafia running 'errands' for them
  2. a tight rope walker who ran away to be with the circus
  3. A professional fencer who brought the Cornell fencing team just short of the Olympics
  4. Was the general manager for the United States Atomic Energy Commission

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What is with you and that song???