Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I know FOR SURE

In order of occurrence today:

  • I am ready at a moment's notice for Mrs. Biggio today for many reasons
  • Completely randomly have curly-ish hair today
  • I made the most super fancy chai with a cinnamon stick and whipped cream and .... left it behind on the kitchen counter as I ran out the door to work today =(
  • While driving the kids to school, Nat pulled a bag out of her backpack that smelled RANK and looked like cheeze-whiz had exploded in it... be she SWEARS it was just a peach yogurt from a couple weeks ago. OMG. Where do these kids come from?
  • Watched Lu look frantically around the car for her I LOVE MATT picture. I feigned equal interest in the frantic look and said "Oh what ever shall we do if we cannot find this one I LOVE MATT picture though there are HUNDREDS more at home in Lu's room!?" HA. One point mom.
  • My lunch never made it to the work fridge because (1) I was afraid it may disappear again and (2) after having it sitting right there staring at me I could not resist and ate it at about 930
  • Know way too many people who are pregnant or who have just had babies... then my ovaries start talking to my uterus like I'm not even there like my opinion just doesn't matter
  • Worked on a monthly 3 part spreadsheet, 24 months worth, for 2 hospitals= 144 excel spreadsheets that played tricks on my brain
  • My staff can gauge how my day is going/if this is a good time to ask a question based on how soon in the day I put my hair up
  • Am not above telling someone, "I don't understand. I won't understand. Tell me what you want my answer to be.... Ok. Sure. Done."
  • Explained in detail to Miss K why I do not own silly little half sweater thingies for the very important reason that they hit me just above the roll of back fat
  • I have an incredibly keen nose for chocolate (I should have put this later in this list and not so close to the back fat item)
  • Bitty grabs my cell phone, hands it to me and says: WANNA HELLO?
  • Appreciates that hubby dressed Bitty this morning, and her clothes have been on backwards all day long
  • Really REALLY thought that Bitty was saying something not good and I ran from the kitchen to the living room, but found her instead trying to say to her little stuffed dog: OH SIT! as she placed him on her little chair
  • Also appreciates that Bitty thinks I need the Elmo step stool UNDER my feet while I'm sitting on the toilet
  • I do not so much appreciate the force with which she INSISTS that I put it under my feet. Geometry, mathematics and physics makes this particularly difficult
  • Am admitting to the world tonight that I actually cannot figure out how to turn the dang TV on or off without the assistance of my children


Brittany said...

One word for you. NO!!!!!! That is all. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo, Momma, says tell the ovaries to shut up! ! !