Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Many Titles

Mama Mo and I took Kel to get a new outfit for a fancy night out. Oh it was so fun. Dashed out of work for lunch break and seriously raided the department store. The little lovely helpful ladies were not really helpful, but helpful enough to realize we were on a mission and they could just stay out of the way. Kel's in the dressing room and Mama Mo and I are weaving up and down the aisles making outfits, checking sizes, running back, flinging it over the dressing room door while at the same time Kel steps out wearing the last outfit and we critique and then do game plan. She's so cute...does a couple squats to see if the pants really fit, etc...and then we're off again to the next outfit. This was the highlight of my week. It was actually last week, and I'm still riding it out thank you very much.

Went to a graduation party for a friend on Saturday evening. Have I mentioned that I LOVE margaritas? I only had one and it was plenty. Bitty wore her new(to her) sparkly pink party shoes. I will get a pic up of those at some point. Almost like on queue Bitty would grab a little carrot and stick it in her mouth, chew it around for a while, then wander over to me and look at the ladies around me and then spit the half chewed carrot into my hand (which I would then chuck over my shoulder over the deck...) except it kept happening again.... and again... and again....What fine parents this little person must have to teach her such manners!! Also confessed that this party (that was only attended by 4 or 5 people that I actually knew out of maybe 45) was one of the best parties I'd been to in a looooonng time... go ahead... I dare you.... guess why!

Got a message from Dear Ol' Dad. (Realize here that he is sooo cute and only usually leaves me messages around midnight on my work phone so he doesn't bother me...) The message goes something like this... "So Meg, Father's day is coming up and I'd like you to know that I think we should go to breakfast on Saturday this year. Also I have something already that I would really like you to give me for father's day." Go ahead. Re-read that last sentence a few times. It's real. This is my father. Already done and gone and picked out and paid for his own father's day gift, and I'll be damned if he isn't just going to be pleased as punch when he opens it up-- assuming he's gone ahead and wrapped it too.

Have I mentioned that the big girls have been with Grandma and Grampy for the last couple days camping? They came back happy, grimy little things. While they were gone I spent most of the evenings with Bitty working on the yard and planting a garden, weeding, arranging, potting, watering. She's quite helpful and so dang cute the way she squats down to look at the bugs go by. Let me tell you something. Even if you can't see ALL the bugs, that doesn't mean they aren't there. Even if the sun isn't going down quite yet, make a run for your house and hide your children. Bitty likes mosquitoes. Nope.... wait....what was that? Oh yes.... right.
Correction: The mosquitoes like Bitty especially the little spots around her eye balls. =(
I did not beat my child. I promise.

I found Bitty and Hubby asleep on the front lawn in a camping chair this afternoon. Very sweet. Precious actually. I should have taken a picture. But that didn't cross my mind til right about now. I scooped up Bitty and brought her inside with me to snuggle on the couch. Then she peed on me.
Hi. I'm Meg. I'm a mom, hunter and gatherer of clothes, receptacle for partially chewed vegetables, an only daughter not apparently capable of picking out a worthy father's day gift, child endanger-er, and the wear-er of pee... both the actual pee itself leaving the territory visibly marked but also the invisible yet pungent smell of urine for hours to come. I'm Meg. And I'm a winner.

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