Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parental Experiment

Let us pretend for a moment or two that I simply sat back and let my little lovely kids do whatever they really wanted to do (for the most part) and I snapped pictures. For example here we have a delightful real life art piece inscribed on my very own kitchen cupboard (in a bold use of black sharpie), and following the little hand I suspect to be the culprit....hmmmmm

Here is Bitty (I believe on the dining table- you'll see that this is a favorite hang out for this 1-1/2 year old.) The 2nd pic her little lips are trying to explain to me WHY she is on
the dining table and playing with a glass full of water:

When mom shuts her mouth and doesn't nag, a video (Hannah Montana) is immediately put on. Bitty then ventures up Nat's bed...

Bitty displays a fantastic skill of leaning just far enough over the edge to give me a heart attack, but not far enough to fall off (yet)

And indeed, despite the poor jumping room, she will simply make due and just jump anyways... all the way up there on the top of the bunk bed

Here you'd almost think that this precious little face was sincere and genuine. You'd be wrong.

Dinner time and mom's not saying a word. Lu feeds Bitty. Bitty feeds Lu. Bitty feeds Nat

Dinner was not nearly as destructive as I thought it would be. My kids like food. That is good. Bitty still thinks that her place during all this is to be ON the dining table. I don't think I have any chance of breaking her of that habit- as I submit and just sit back and take pictures
Here is Bitty's game of poker or something. Note the smirk in pic#1, the poker face in pic #2, oh and the joy of stacking the poker chips in the pic#3

Then there'd be Lu. She tries for a sweet pic, but can't hold that too long. She's then sporting fishie kissie lips and then "swimming" with her fishie kissie lips... but where oh where has Bitty gone? She's not in the picture. Bitty.... Bitty!..... Bitty?.....

Bitty: In the bathroom applying deodorant. What a blessing that she already concerned about personal hygiene

What's that Bitty?
You need to go pee?
Let's go!

<-- LOVE the look on her face right here. "Mom! Help me! How do I do this again?"
She is so proud of herself. Then I couldn't help it so I started singing the "Pee pee in the Potty" song and she's dancing. And yes she really does dance. All of a sudden tho she's terribly concerned that we've left the poop out of the song =( She'd like to sing about the poop too. Fabulous..... and then...easily distractable but also showing off her multi-tasking skills: she applies deodorant to BOTH little armpits WHILE sitting on the potty. Go Bitty! Go Bitty!

No potty experience is every complete without a little hand washing right? She is on a mission to get to that soap ...sans diaper. Well heck, and while she's all the way up there and she's really already IN the sink, she decides to wash her feet too...
Good night dear friends. May your tushies be just as cute as Bitty's.


AmyJo said...

In case you don't know the incredible power of the Magic Eraser, I wanted to advise you to get one (or many). My friend's daughter wrote with a sharpie on her countertops and the Magic Eraser got it off (with a little elbow grease). Take care, next time I am in town I would love to see you!

trinity said...

Love it! Also Babywipes work wonders cleaning sharpie. ;)