Thursday, May 7, 2009


Somethings are as clear as day out of this babe's mouth:
Oh gosh
Hi daddy
Where'd my baba go?
I don't know
One two!
Want a bite?

Other things...not so much, here are the translations:
peep- time to go pee pee

belly buppin- belly button
meggie- mom <-- this one makes me sad, I'd much prefer 'mama'

aticker- can I have a sticker?

abbie- dog (any dog is an abbie)

ago?- you're going to go?

hola- hello
mookie- milk
nallie- middle sis
Dodo- uncle jojo
eebol- multiple choice: eye ball, eye brow, or elbow =)
Lulu- big sissy
Yaheerdat?- Do you hear that?

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Stacie said...

you cant forget Tacie! = Stacie!