Friday, May 8, 2009


I'll post something special for Mother's Day, but I guess kind of as a warm up I'll post tonight about something special that Mama used to do for me.

Mama was very crafty. She was known for her gardens of veggies and flowers, she'd make home made cards for every occasion and mastered how to press flowers and put her stamp of life on things. There were sometimes when Mama would make me a dress, knit me a scarf, but not very often. Also not often, but maybe this is what makes is so special, she would find something simple already made thing and then she'd embroider just one edge, or find the perfect little applique for just one corner. I have one sweater from when I was a little girl, she put a little pink bunny on the corner of the little pink sweater. I have a comforter she sewed 3 little hearts to on the edge. It was just once in a while and it meant the world to me.

Her love was always just what I needed. The way it was never gaudy, it never needed attention. It was there to simply be and love and take in the moment. And now those moments are my memories, some of my very favorite. Little bits of love stitched into time that I can hold in my hand...and feel.

For the first time I am passing on the tradition. This little guy is going to saunter in to a new home tomorrow. I think I should name him.
Ahhhh yes, Allessandro the Alligator. Happy trails little fellow. I've prayed over you.

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Anonymous said...

allesandro will MOST DEFINITELY be loved :) AAMBFFE