Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Minty Goodness and My Staff

Lookie here at these smiling faces! This is me and my staff (most of them)(and my elbow.... why does it look so big? Never thought before this pic that elbows could have girth. I stand corrected.) Anyhoo-- this is my staff and me at Ristorante Italiano for a yummy tummy "staff meeting." It was delightful! I can tell you definitively that I am blessed to be here.

And this my fellow readers and blogging buddies was my dessert. Some minty-minty-froo-froo-thingie:

I've got a certain hankering of sorts for desserts. Like this one. And like a few birthdays ago at Scopazzi's and since it was MY birthday I ordered one White Chocolate Mint Decadence for supper and ANOTHER one for dessert. Because I can. (And who says it wasn't the hydroxycut working!?!?!)

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I'm telling my mom that's what you ordered for your birthday! I'm sure she'd approve.