Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I always start the day with good intentions. I give myself a little pep talk in the morning: asses my mood, center my mind and spirit, pray for strength, guidance, and out the door I go.

I had a lot of things to get done today. None of them happened. Because of one thing or another, I just couldn't get a grip today. The kids got to school late, completely by my doing- they were on time, but me...not so much. Although once I could see we were going to be late, and we were actually already late, it was okay. I couldn't change being late if we already were. It gave me extra time to talk with my bebes, I took a few extra minutes combing their hair, an extra hug and kiss when they were getting out of the car too. It warmed my heart.

Then the traffic was icky getting to work. It wasn't horrible-horrible, just enough to slow me down. I REALLY enjoyed listening to my CD in the car this morning for 15 minutes longer than I usually do. It brought me peace.

At work it seemed I had a zillion tasks that were urgent. I had a new email program installed this morning, and it really took some getting used to. I couldn't just zip through it like I usually do. Then I made myself a cup of coffee which I promptly spilled right across my desk.I also realized for the last 2 years that I have been running a report (that has a pretty big impact) incorrectly the entire time. But my uppers were not upset; they were understanding and encouraging. This brought me humility.

After a day of rushing around to get nothing accomplished I was exhausted. (Poor me!) I picked up the bebes with grand plans of making a nice big dinner, and snuggling into bed early. This too was not meant to be. One of the bebes informed me that she had a school performance tonight that I had completely forgotten about. We rushed home, found a clean dress, washed her little grubby face, and were heading back to school. It was Earth day today, which also didn't take note in my brain until almost 630pm. The 1st grade classes were having an Earth day celebration. It was possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. 40+ precious kids waving their hands in the air slowly while they sang a song about sea anemones. I am SO blessed.

My take on today is this: my plans are great, God's plans are better. He knows that my intentions were there, good job. Then I hear him say, "Now check this out." And he shows me life through his eyes not mine...and it's so much better.

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trinity said...

You are a great mom! And an amazing woman, I have no idea how on earth you survive everyday. It is amazing to hear of your day and your acknowledgment of God in it. It brings me joy.