Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caffeine + Me =Yikes!

Too much to do today, too little time, too little sleep. Too much caffeine and too much crankiness. I am in a super funky, bitter mood today. My poor family has to put up with me. I think I'm getting a headache too. Sometimes the hubby can tell before I can that I have a headache on the way. I'll be a little snappy (apparently), and he'll say, 'got a headache lovie?'..... "NO!" It's right then when it makes it out of my mouth I realize he's on to something! I don't like medicine much, so most of the time I'll try to get rid of the headache naturally: try to nap, have a glass of water, take a shower, go for a walk, etc. But all the while still quite snappy. Then he'll plead with me: "for the sake of the family, PLEASE take your headache medicine!" OK. I GET IT! Oh, I mean... ok I get it.

Sometimes those darn headaches creep up on me and WHAM it pounces and I just can't get away. I hate it and I know that hate is a bad word but I do, I really do. I hate it. One time on the verge of a massive migraine I thought I'd try a different approach. I decided to pretend like I DIDN'T have a headache, and therefore, if I didn't acknowledge it, it wouldn't have any power over me. We were on on our way to a movie with the bebes when I figured out that was a bad idea. The migraine already had me and it was taking me down. Barfing into the bag of food we had just picked up for dinner wasn't the nicest touch either. Eh-

So I'm sitting here trying to be rational about being in a bad mood. It's funny really. I can't even begin to take myself seriously. I'm writing because it's like therapy for me. It helps me unwind.

One of my jobs as a mommy, a wife, and daughter is to try and live by example. I'm not doing a very good job. It's times like this, when I have no excuses that I feel VERY small in this big 'ol world. I pray for tomorrow for me. And pray for my family tonight that they don't hate me. And thank that sweet Lord in heaven for allowing me one more day to make a change.

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