Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day #21


Beware... I have little to no discretion when I feel do icky. Meh.

Broke down and went to the doctor's today. Surprise surprise... he said I'm sick! My throat has been feeling extra scratchy and swollen. I can deal with a few days of that but this morn woke up and my throat was MORE swollen and I had shaking chills and super gross profuse sweating. He was really impressed with the size of my uvula. SO BIG. Ewww.

I see MORE ice cream (if that's even possible), sleep, sleep, reading, sleep and ... more ice cream in my future.

My mind is gonnnnnnne when I feel so cruddy. I can barely hold a conversation, because suddenly I can't come up with any words to make a sentence. Argh. Totally useless.

Cheers to a smaller uvula and clearer thinker tomorrow. :)

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