Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day #10


- I feel accomplished at work. Got a lot done. Like a boss. Heh.

-Miss my dad and feel guilty for not seeing him more often.

-Preparing the house and my mind (and the kids) for the next few weeks of summer whirlwind for the girls. Sleep overs here, sleep overs there, amusement parks, summer school, camping with Gramma and Grampy, airplane flights, summer camp, internships.... oy!

-the super glue did not last long for my car side mirror. It's back to dangling. The gate just jumped out and attacked me... swear!

-Have more respect for my pastor than ever before.

- Gearing up my soul and body for a scary surgery mid-august. :( My brokenness is not just a figure of speech. I might blog more on this, but maybe not.

- Putting together a bucket list. Not because of upcoming surgery, but because I'm not aging any slower! There's things I want to do and sre, peeps! It will feel much more attainable if I have an actual list! :)

-Can't do talky people. Breathe!!

-Overall, feeling ok today. Feather meet cap.

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