Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Is How My Day Goes...

I close my office door while I’m eating lunch so my staff doesn’t have to watch me stuff my face. Today I had a yummy taco salad. I then get an email from Mr. A asking “are you alone in there?” (as opposed to having my door shut ‘cause I’m having a meeting with a big-wig.) I reply: “Just me and my salad.” He emails back: “lol well a good balanced lunch includes I'll be right in. =-)”


Give him a minute and he barges right in. He looks at my salad curiously. I smile. I then pull out my garbage can for him to inspect. His eyebrows lift a little. He’s not buying it. He thinks that I have hidden/thrown away the lettuce from my salad again. But I have NOT. I ate that stupid lettuce today. Yay for me. Also a little bit scary that some people know me so well. Hmmmmm

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Anonymous said...

What! You don't always eat the lettuce? You mean that isn't the best part?

Had a great time with you last weekend. Sha Poopie

Yo, Momma