Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Busy Bitty Girl

Hi Bitty. Nice hat. Yes it definitely helps to push on your belly so the 'stuff' comes out faster. Good thinkin' Bye bye poop! Have a safe journey!
Must have forgotten the 'courtesy flush.' Here let me give you a little nudge in the right direction.
I'm pretty sure Mom said something about wiping somewhere in this process. She's gonna be so proud of me! SOOOOooooo....Once around back:And for good measure and maybe a treat from Mom, a little wipie wipie in the front too! (Better late than never...heh.... atta girl!)

For the next death defying maneuvers from this all too obvious child prodigy and soon to be renowned gymnast: follow closely now: Swing arms back to get the most height with the jump. (Mom missed the pic of the actual jump. She is fired.)
Then stick the landing...
And finish with a humbly perfectly precious bow!
The next series of pictures of Bitty were literally taken in a time span of 45 seconds or less:
The last one just about kills me. The facial expression, especially considering the other shots in the series, but really it's SO expressive. THEN you look at what she's actually doing, and you wonder if Austin Powers has been to visit and let her know she's totally shagadellic, baby, yay!

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