Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catchin Up

Let's see here... The last few weeks I've been to Oregon and back. Hollister and back. Palo Alto and back. Insanity and... oh wait... nope...still hanging there a while longer. Hubby has reached a mile stone birthday for which we celebrated that day, and then also had a birthday bash with his buddies a few days later. Bitty and Lu have both survived week long+ fevers of 103 and achy bodies and coughs. Grampy (Hubby's step-dad) has had pneumonia which knocked him down for several days. Hubby's bro #3 crashed grampy's truck. Yesterday Grampy got a new truck.

But onto today's adventures: RODEO BABYYYYY!

I love the rodeo. I love ranches and farms, and fields of produce. I like barns stacked high with hay. I love horses and love brushing them and talking to them and then watching their lips move when they eat out of my hand. I like the idea of being (for the most part) self sufficient on a farm. I think either later in this life, or possibly in my next life I am meant to be on a ranch on a horse and watch the sun rise. (Maybe that's what heaven will have in store for me? Wouldn't it be great to ride out across the plains with Jesus on the horse next to you?) Ok, so until this all makes its debut, I have the rodeo.
Hubby's sis (from now on referred to as Sis) came too. She too is a cowgirl at heart. She and I have been known kindred spirits since I met here when I was 17 and she was 9. Love her.
Ahem... and just a few more thing about the rodeo. I always love a good man in uniform, and here, the police men who patrol the rodeo and do traffic control, wear cowboy hats. I am happy. =) Also, something about them wranglers.... in general really. But also, to defend myself just a little bit, hubby did wear wranglers too. So we'll just leave it at that.

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Brittany said...

Love that last picture!