Monday, July 6, 2009

Picture Stories

So many things are going on... I almost can't keep up. Lost a few days last week, but for the most part, I am back in action. Lu and her BFF went to camp a week ago. Here are the before pics:

and here the after pic: still happy and smiling, and not nearly as dirty as I anticipated:

Bitty very much capitalizing on the bobble-head look:
Then there was the 4th of July...which for us means: pancake breakfast, parade, Nat's b-day, and fireworks!

really tried to get a pic of her with the fireworks in the almost worked!

And here is the b-day girl herself with her earrings from Lala and her new fancy 8 year old party dress:

Then Nat and her BFF had their turn to go to camp, I dropped her off yesterday
And somewhere along the way we managed to pick up this straggler bag lady. She's kinda short. But handy! She eats the crumbs off the carpet. Okay... that was totally inappropriate... but this is my life...Welcome!


Brittany said...

She's a cute bag lady though!

Keidi said...

Hi Meggie- I followed your comment to your blog, and you are fabulous! What a funny writer, I love it. Good work, lady. you are now (finally, I'm overdue) in my favorites!