Thursday, March 15, 2012

All for Now

 An Update! An Update!

Girls, and Nick, and I are fine. We are less one dog…  But we are fine. It didn’t work to have 2 dogs. SO SAD. But we have found Fiddle (now named Lucky) a new home with a new family with kids, and no other dogs. He is much happier. And my house is much less hairy.

Nick got his motorcycle  up to the house finally. And took me on a ride. And it was so fun. VERY scary at first. VERY VERY VERY. I’m a VERY need to be in control kind of person, especially in a moving vehicle. It was definitely a sign of trust. That’s good for my soul.

I have been working on some really big projects for work, that are really draining me right now. They are good projects, and I am making head way, but needed a new outlet... and outside outlet. (I've only been sleeping on my free time. Always. Always need more sleep. Always need a nap.) So, I started the first couple steps of our very first vegetable garden. Hans and Emi were very helpful. Nick and Tony came by later after work and tilled the front yard too, and we put seed down. LOVE how my house is becoming a home.

Excited to spend the evening with my dad and some friends, to celebrate his 70th bday tomorrow night. (actual bday: March 19th.) *Hope* to get lots of good pics this year. This is a biggie. :)


Keidi said...

Yay! Thanks for the update, I was getting muy curioso about your life and times. And now your garden is getting lots of love and rain!

Lauren said...