Thursday, January 26, 2012


Lots and Lots of changes....

First, James' beloved (I'm a big man, marine, roooar truck) took a dump. So... with lots of thought and thought and more thought a bit of tears... I came to the realization that its time was done. Oh it was a wonderful truck, with lots of fond memories. And it was a visual reminder of James. But, when  the heater went out, and then money went out. And then the transmission went out, and more money... and something else, and more money. I just couldn't do it any longer. On a brave day, with my big girl panties on, I decided that was they day. I took the truck....
AND my car. My saving 'I'll never own any car other than a benz', car... took them both, and traded them in...

For the below beauty. We call it a Tahoe. We call it a new age mommy van. We call it a, lets not pay for two vehicles any more, black beauty. With OnStar. Which is *GREAT* considering the rocky past I've had with cars and accidents and what nots.

We also got a dog. NEVER.EVER.THOUGHT. I'd hear those words come out of my mouth, or be put on my blog. But there it is. Fiddle is a love pie of a boxer, just over a year old. He is a sweet one, and super fun and playful, and so far only eats remotes and phones, but no shoes, and is perfect with the girls.

So... Fiddle (Plus Nick's dog, Hans.... who is hiding in the dog house) play well together, and with the girls. And play well, together, with the girls IN the dog house too. :) Fun.

Jackson has been away this year at college in Montana. And we miss him. He has been a BIG part of our lives. (I mean...really... I started dating James when Jackson was 5.) The girls miss him a lot. And Emi took the opportunity of having him home on Christmas,to snuggle with him, never mind the nap he was trying to take :)

These two little yay-hoo's continue to be cute and lovely. We are blessed.

Ok ok... and they are a little goofy too. Actually... honestly... mostly goofy. This really IS the norm. 

But the BIG news this year started really brewing around my birthday, as shown below. I wish we had a group shot. All of my favorite close by fam came, my dad, Grampy Jack, Grammy Syb, Stacie, Mike, Alicia, Jackson, Nick and the girls, Brittany, Kerri and Norm, my cousin Eric. It was super special. And my BFF happened to be there too, down from Petaluma, visiting her mom.

Right... so things were a brewing.

Nick had a little chat with my dad one night....

And then there was this :)
(With dad's blessing of course.)
I can't even begin to describe this all. Just super happy. A calm in my heart.

Soooooo... if this means... that I *potentially* get to be a princess for a day, or something.... I'm going to start dreaming now. And today's dream looks like this:



Joannah said...

Oh, congratulations!!!

Your ring is gorgeous. I wish you all the happiness your hearts can hold.


Stacie Foster said...

Love, love, love!

Keidi said...

So so so so exciting! The ring, a wedding (yay!), a dog, new car. Congrats on the biggest news, I love it!

Clint Moore said...

That's a beautiful ring you got there. Yeah, letting our old cars go isn't easy. But you made a great choice with your modern mommy van. My wife is planning to get her mommy van soon. I'll definitely share this post with her.

Kerstin Shed said...

Oh yes, the ring really got my attention! I know the feeling, and it’s like you're in cloud nine. :) Getting serious, your Tahoe is a great choice! It has a roomy cabin which will surely fit all of you on roadtrips. And doesn’t look too bad either! Safety-wise, it has a solid crash-test score from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. :)