Wednesday, March 28, 2012

need my friends

And all of your ideas.... friends, family, and friendly readers. Please.

2nd 'deathaversary'... 'home coming'... what do we call this? Whatever it is, its approaching, fast.

Last year I was sick, and literally lost two weeks, and the 1st anniversary was in there somewhere.

What do I do this year? What do the girls and I do? Im inclined and prepared to approach this as a celebration. Sounds odd. But I want the girls to be encouraged to STILL BE HAPPY, and NOT feel guilty for enjoying life still. We can celebrate james' life, maybe do something he would have liked doing? We can celebrate where he is now, and tho we may miss him, we can imagine all the great things he might be getting to do up there.

But WHAT shall we do? Suggestions? Please and thank you. :)



Lauren said...

eat a lot of beans and have a farting contest.

Keidi said...

Hmmm... That's a good question. I think a celebration sounds good, go for it. You could: (I'm going to do an in-comments-brainstorm) Create something together for his grave, create something together for the yard, create a cake honoring him with lots of details he would like then eat it (I love cake, sorry), write him letters, eat a special meal out, do something out of the ordinary that's life affirming, like jump in the ocean even tho it's cold?, work with me here... Ummmm... Plant a special tree somewhere, or flower for him, volunteer somewhere, surprise someone who needs perking up with something fabulous, draw outlines of your bodies on big paper and write which parts miss him and why (my hands miss holding yours, my heart misses...etc.) Take a special trip somewhere new each year, or take a special trip somewhere he loved, start a tradition of it, sky dive? I think that's it for me. 8) Good idea. Let us know what you decide. 8)