Sunday, October 17, 2010


Trying to work on my bio... It's a hard thing to do when you don't know who you are... =/

Today this is what it is. Yesterday was totally different, and tomorrow will be too.

I have a weakness for piano solos and vocal harmonies, wild poppies and tulips, lots of chocolate and peanut butter, warm snugly hugs and little white twinkle lights. Conversations with no words, southern drawl, windy stormy evenings in front of the fireplace, candlelight, horseback and a ranch in Haiku. Sisters of the heart, and Taqueria with corona, good books and pedicures. My silly sweet girls, and my dear ol' dad. Not at peace yet without my mom, and my hubby too. Not a stranger to heartache or headaches or tandem crises. I have a soft spot for the Marine Corps and anything military. Pretty darn quiet and I like it that way. Love me some sunsets on fall days, a warm chai latte, and mostly my Jesus ♥


Shoegal18 said...

As always, my dear, you give me chills. You are all of that, and so much more. And I love you just the way you are. (Was that a little too "Bridget Jones"?) Kisses!

Mary Thomas said...

I really, really love it.

When I told my husband about you, I described you as a person with a very wide, warm heart. You always treated everyone around you with love and respect, even strangers- like friends. You have always had an extremely supreme sense of humor, which I noticed from the blog has only gotten sharper. Just thought you should know how I described you after all these years gone by :)

I only wish I had spent more time in your company when I was living in the valley.

Brittany said...

Like you no matter how you describe yourself.

Stacie Foster said...

sisters by heart and soul