Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daddy Update #2... and Then Some...

Dad was transferred some point last night from Intermediate ICU to a standard med/surg unit in Stanford. Late this afternoon he was transported to a skilled nursing facility in Palo Alto (a different one from the last time) via non-emergency ambulance.

As usual, there have already been some hurdles since he got there. I guess I should learn to accept these as routine. I haven't. (Trying not be bitter; I promise.)
* pain meds aren't standard in a SNF so even though his doc wrote orders for them, he may
not get any tonight
* he shares a room with a man whose only form of communication is yelling
* this SNF is not set up with sleep equipment (dad has chronic sleep apnea)

Dad is anxious for me to get over to him at his new place tomorrow and help him settle in.

Yesterday I was supposed to have another all day meeting, but that was shot to hell as Hwy 9 was closed, and so that didn't happen. I couldn't get Nat or Emi to school either. So they came with me to see Dad yesterday at the hospital. Today I had meetings in Burlingame and carpooled with two co-workers. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be back at the Santa Cruz office, for a very important meeting, and then need to take Nat to her piano lesson at 4. I don't know how I am going to do all of that AND get to see dad.

OH! and tomorrow night is also open house at the middle school for Lu and I should (be a good parent and) go. I don't know that I have it in me to go. That was always James' thing. He was the social one. He could chit-chat and small talk and have a grand ole time. Me- not so much.

I finally made some much overdue plans to have dinner with two really good friends for Saturday night at my house. I'll host and make a salad. They bring the lasagna and bread. My big girls are supposed to be going to Jonas Brothers concert Saturday night with a friend. A few hours after I finalize the dinner plans, I get a note from the friend's mom that actually, they are not sure they will be able to take the girls :( They wonder if I could take them instead. Um.... I guess I could except...
1/ I hate crowds of people and the panic attacks I get,
2/ It's the whole lack of breathing, thinking I'm dying thing that freaks me(and others) out
3/ I finally have dinner plans with these two great gals that night, and
4/ I hate the Jonas brothers.

I just don't want another disappointment for the girls again, you know? They are REALLY looking forward to this concert, and have been for the last 2 months. I mean they wrote it on the calendar and have a count down and everything. I thought I was directing(micro-managing?) their lives enough to evade most of those now. I make few but important promises, and I always keep my word. I hate it when other people can't.... and my kids are caught in the middle.

Darn it.


allison said...

does your dad wear a nose piece or mask at night for his apnea? based on his original sleep study and how necessary the supplies are, maybe you should re-mention it again to his case manager (the snf should have one). they shouldnt have placed him there knowing about apnea.

Keidi said...

Oh my goodness. What's wrong with those people? There's a huge difference between having your kids go to a concert and actually having to GO to the concert. Of the Jonas brothers. I'd take them for you, though, I kind of like crowds at least. 8) (semi-serious, though, facebook me if anyone would go for it.)

Mary Thomas said...

Ugh how overwhelming! Me, I would call said friend's parents and sob. lol. semi-kidding...