Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daddy Update #1

Dad needed another surgery today. The left leg (which had a large 'flap' taken out to fill in his arm) is the source of all the recent problems instigating septic shock et al. After Friday's surgery to debride this area, they were unable to close it, so they put two wound vacs on it for the time being. Today they took Dad back into surgery to hopefully close the left leg wound. Didn't happen, at least not as planned. Ended up being another looooooooooong surgery. They couldn't close the left leg, so they had to graft another skin graft from his right thigh to help close the left thigh.

Overall, besides the new pain from today's surgery, dad is better. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not that dad is all that spiritual. I just mean, it seemed like he lost his spark there for most of the past week, and that scared me more than anything. But this evening it was back, along with his sense of humor, and almost funny jokes ;)

This is *hopefully* the last surgery that Dr Sen will need to do. He is the surgeon who did the reconstruction of the arm, and showed up on a moment's notice to the ER ready to go on Friday. He is a saint as far as I'm concerned. I've been weary of broaching the next subject with his doctors yet: the thoracic surgery for the lung cancer. Maybe we just need to cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm ok with that. I can't handle much more than one day at a time anyhow.

For now, dad remains in Stanford Intermediate ICU. He'll need at least 5 days to recover from today's surgery. Then we'll game plan again.



allison said...

i think that you're the saint my dear. your dad is dang lucky to have you :) im glad to know he's on the road to recovery, though it may be longer than first expected. it's great that he's getting his spark back as you say. one thing that ive learned in healthcare: attitude is EVERYTHING. love ya

Shoegal18 said...

I'll work on getting a joke from my dad, to add to his repertoire, and give him a little smile. Keep on truckin', lady. I love your face! Besos.

Anonymous said...


Angie sent us your blog site and we are heart sick to hear about your dad.

Our prayers are going out to you and your Dad from all of us here.

Linda & Sam Hardman & kids
(used to live nextdoor)

Mary Thomas said...

prayin, prayin, prayin... one day at a time is good.