Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adventures of Bitty

I always knew that my life was a zoo, but this is just cracking me up. We call Bitty's little toes: piggies. We call her hair: ponies. When I'm feeding her food, I call her: a birdie. (Not to mention I'm not a dog person, and there's a kid in the neighborhood who thinks she's a dog, and barks like a litle yap dog when she comes over...) Bitty likes to say Moooooo like a cow. Should I be surprised then this afternoon when she scaled the couch and speakers and made her way to the top of the fish tank... and then SWISHED her little arms around in the water? Who am I kidding? I should have applauded her and handed her a bikini and a towel.... a little sassy zoologist in the making.

Just for kicks, while I'm sitting here typing, Bitty is at the big window in the living room, innocently enough playing with her blocks, stacking them 5 high, babbling away, watching the rain, getting super excited when the rain is really loud, and all the while sticking (grating?) string cheese into the heater vent. Mmmm... nothing like a home cooked meal.
She's taken to being a little 'mini-me' and in her own way doing the things that I do. When I'm done paying bills and sorting through mail, I'll have a stack to pay, a stack to file, and a stack to burn. Seems little missy Bitty likes the burning part. When she doesn't know we're watching, she'll grab some papers (any that are lying around will do) and walk over to the wood burning stove, stick them in, shut the door, and wipe her hands with satisfaction. Burn baby burn. I wonder what I've lost in past weeks, that actually disappeared this way?
Then there's this little gem. Little Bitty working hard on the computer and trading stocks on the phone, I'm sure. All in a day's work I guess. If you look close enough at the computer you can actually see the error message. I'm sure it says something like: Crazy child, please remove your body from the keyboard. Now.


Brittany said...

I love the sister in the background just watching her do whatever she's gonna do! :)

Meg said...

Oh yes, and look closely and you'll see not only #2 in the chair, but the lanky legs of #1 on the couch...special...