Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday's a Good Day

I go to pick up the kiddos from church this afternoon. There I see several of my favorite people. I peek in at B in her office but she is busy. I peek in at my kids in separate class rooms. They are too--busy and happy.

I see CJW and talk about the house. She is getting her house appraised today and says she's got 1/2 her house in her car so there's not so much crap in her house when the appraiser comes. I almost can't stand up because I'm now laughing so hard. That is SO something that I would do.

Then I talk with another mom and we are tying to explain to yet another mom how we sometimes trade children to keep our sanity in check. No really. Put the fear of God in these kids by trading parents. What's up NOW?

I look up and see Buffy across the parking lot. She holds her hand up like a phone to her ear. I shake my head. She raises her eyebrows, and I cough. Without a spoken word she and I have had an entire conversation about how yes I got her message, no I won't be able to make it to dinner, I'm feeling sick. HA! Mommies have their own language.

I love my friends.

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Brittany said...

Oh please don't let the illusion that I'm working ever stop you from coming in to say Hi. Never. I actually saw your car expected you!