Thursday, January 8, 2009

No-see-ums and Their Cohorts

While in Mississippi, I encountered bugs. I'm ok with bugs. Not terribly fond of them. But not totally freaked out either. I can manage. I did NOT get eaten alive while I was there. Yay me! Three bites total, actually, on my arms. No biggie. I'm thinking I'm pretty awesome. But again, I am wrong.

Get home and sleep sleep sleep. Go to work, be with the kids, sleep sleep sleep. And ITCH like CRAZY!!!

Am I having a delayed reaction to the no-see-ums? I don't think so. Did I bring them home with me in my clothes and bag? I think that's a no too. But... here's what I think really happened:
1. Get bit by 3 no-see-ums in Pearlington
2. Little no-see-ums secretly laugh to themselves
3. Meg gets home and thinks she's good to go
4. Boulder-Creek-no-see-ums smell TRAITOR no-see-um scents on Miss Meg
5. They then ATTACK Meg in an effort RE-CLAIM their territory
6. Not cool AT ALL


Brittany said...

Chiggers...they have chiggers too...though they tend to be out in the spring/summer time. But then the weather seemed like spring or summer so who knows! The things a leader forgets to tell her team!

Meg said...

seriously?? chiggers? Are you've saying I've got dang chiggers? I sit her contemplating...and itching...