Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day in The Life

Hubby's out of town for a couple days visiting his Best Buddy. I think they were planning on painting his house, but *somehow* ended up at Costco buying Best Buddy a 58inch TV. How does that happen? I mean I know that I personally like to shop, but if I over-indulge at least I do it and hide it. I don't go out and flaunt it with a GIGANTIC TV. Sheesh. Men.

Bitty was a sick little Bitty yesterday. And when I talked to Hubby today he said that he actually spent all day yesterday at Best Buddy's throwing up with a fever and chills. And I said, "Don't hurry home." Really....take your time...

I have a theory about what I think Middle Bebe will grow up and be. I'll leave it at that. But today in the car we had the music cranked, and I knew she could carry a tune, but HOLY SMOKES! That kid can sing! Although I never dreamed that my 7 year old could belt out "Gunpowder and lead." She's got a few tricks up her sleeves it seems... hmmm hmmm hmmmm... and she's got that little sassy attitude and hair flip that just... reminds me even more that when she gets to high school... I'm gonna need a shotgun of my own. Great.

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