Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One: Part II

Something just wasn't right. Jackson went in to check on James.
While the kids were running around the living room getting ready for the aquarium, Jackson had the weight of the world now on his shoulders. After a minute of confirmation, he comes back into the hallway, and closes the bedroom door behind him. Gram asks "is he ok?" Jackson shakes his head no. "What do we do now?" To which he replies:" Take the kids to the aquarium."
I don't know much more of the details than that. All I know is that Jackson should be hailed as a hero for handling the situation and his nieces, so calmly and thoughtfully. As should Gram. Most of what happened that day, has been left unspoken. But Gram and Alicia took those girls to the aquarium for entire day, not knowing exactly what had happened, only knowing that James had died, and the girls needed to be out of the house. ...


Joannah said...

I'm trying to understand who's who. Is Jackson your brother-in-law?

This is a compelling story, but I'm so sorry that it's true.

Keidi said...

I guess any way of finding him would have been terrible, but Jackson made it less so. I knew Jackson as a freshman when he was in my class, a teenager, but I see he turned into a man. And I'm glad for your family that he did! Keep breathing, Meggie!

(I just deleted my comment because I didn't know how to edit, and I wanted to add Jackson's name into my original comment, if you wondered. 8)

Meg said...

Jackson- brother in law (James' brother)

Stacie- pretty complicated. But I consider her my sister.

Alicia- James' sister

Gramma- James' mom

Grampie- James' step dad

Meg said...